Destiny Holidays Case Study

At Searchable we consistently reach target goals for our clients. Here we illustrate an example campaign in the investment/financial niche.

Campaign Brief

As travel package specialists offering tours to destinations across the globe, Destiny Holidays were looking to increase sales through search engines as they were aware of the crucial nature of this channel in travel. 


Searchable created an all-inclusive SEO campaign strategy focused on content at each stage of the funnel, as well as building of authority through selective link building campaigns and intensive competitor analysis. With this strategy we were able to claim top positions in the Google search results for related terms, which translated into steady increases in organic traffic over time.

Disciplines Engaged

Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Optimisation, Copywriting Strategy, Digital PR

Organic Results


After 6 months Organic Traffic increased 68.43%. After 12 months by 433%. This represents a high amount of potential customers to site monthly.


After 6 months Organic Conversions increased 52%. After 12 months by 249.28%. This represents a tangible increase in monthly sales.

Keyword Ranking Results

Some highly competitive search terms that we moved the needle on.

wdt_ID Keyword From To Difference
1 Cheap beach holidays 27 1 +26
2 Island packages 84 1 +83
3 Island holiday packages south africa 12 2 +10
4 Honeymoon holiday packages 23 2 +21
5 All inclusive holidays packages 9 3 +6
6 Cheap holiday 57 4 +53
7 Cheap holiday packages Thailand 33 4 +29
8 Luxury holiday packages 100 3 +97
10 Island holidays 100 5 +95
12 Beach holiday packages south africa 17 5 +12
13 Cheap holiday packages 100 6 +94
14 Cheap holidays Thailand 41 7 +34
15 Beach holiday packages 84 7 +77
16 Honeymoon holidays 100 8 +92

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